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For both insiders in the business and shoe enthusiasts, ShoesBB is the ideal destination. ShoesBB relies on its 50-year history to provide a feet-first look into the latest and upcoming shoe trends, from style icons to power players.

Your first port of call for worldwide shoe news should be The ShoesBB. ShoesBB connects readers to the subjects that matter most by breaking the most recent headlines, providing expert opinions, and providing seasonal content that is right on trend. The website filters the way we look at shoes under the direction of a knowledgeable group of journalists. The newsroom establishes the tone by moving forward with an eye toward the future.


Accessibility Commitment to Accessibility

The goal of ShoesBB News is to make digital content accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their level of skill. We strive to adhere to all applicable accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements up to level AA, and are always working to improve the user experience for all users. We are investing in new technology and allocating resources to further improve the usability of our website and mobile apps.


In order to enhance your experience on the site, we encourage your input on ShoesBB's accessibility. If you notice any difficulties accessing Footwear News, particularly any videos that are not already closed-captioned, do let us know:

Message me at [email protected]

If it's feasible, we'll work with you to find an alternative communication option to give you the information you need.

To make sure that our website and mobile site are accessible to everyone, our accessibility initiatives are continuing.

Alternatives and Restrictions

There can be certain restrictions despite our best efforts to guarantee accessibility. The known restrictions and potential workarounds are listed below. If you notice a problem not covered below, do get in touch with us. Known restrictions:

User-generated material, such forum posts or comments: Since this information was written by users, accessibility issues might not have been taken into account.

Site navigation: Assistive technology have not been completely tested with our site navigation. We are currently testing and thoroughly reviewing the use of assistive technology to navigate our website in order to address any concerns we uncover. Send us an email at con[email protected] to let us know about any problems you run into.

Older content: Older material might not be compatible with assistive technology. It's possible that this information was written before we had procedures in place to guarantee best practises, such providing useful alternative text for photographs. Send us an email at conta[email protected] to let us know about any problems you run across.